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Ответы Зетов на мои вопросы

Сегодня появился ответ от Зетов на мои два вопроса! 🙂  Если честно, я думал Стив Джобс съя…л в бункер или просто готовиться… Анне, у него действительно был рак. Ну что же, слава и почет тогда ему за огромный труд, и благополучного путешествия…


Is Steve Jobs has really died, or he just went backstage to prepare for the PS?

Is it true that Venezuela takes their gold reserves from European banks due to the fact that the PS timeframe is very close?

It was known that Steve Jobs was suffering from terminal cancer for some months. When the elite slip away, they will not do so in a manner that can be checked. A faked death has too many possibilities of discovery, and there are other options, like retirement. Likewise, where the wealthy can be expected to squirrel away their gold reserves at their bunkers, Venezuela is merely taking steps to ensure their assets are not frozen and in essence, in the opinion of Chavaz, confiscated as Libya’s were when a civil war broke out there. Such moves to bring assets within the borders of the country can be expected to be on the increase as the Earth changes pick up, all countries taking such precautions. 

It has been noted for some years that many in power positions, such as politicians or executives running corporations, are retiring early in unusually high numbers. But what of those who do NOT want to retire but who will want to slip away in time to avoid being trapped during the Last Weeks? We are nowhere near that time, but when it comes their exodus will be packaged as being “unavailable” or they will be absent from meetings without an explanation. They may have staff or underlings lie for them, claiming illness such as the flu or a family emergency. It is quite possible that such exits may happen repeatedly, with the person returning to their job if the anticipated catastrophe does not occur. The danger, of course, is that such repeated exits run the risk of discovery, so the safe location and exit route become known, and the behavior is questioned. 

The bunker location is always a carefully guarded secret. Most in the establishment have SEVERAL locations lined up, in case of discovery or in case they are caught away from their primary site. Many can only be reached by small plane, or by car after a plane flight to a wilderness landing strip. Thus it can be expected that as the Last Weeks approach, many of the elite will be planning hunting trips, or vacation getaways. Each bunker location has been well stocked with supplies and food stuffs, and most are shared by more than one family or group. Small enough that secrecy can be maintained, but large enough that efforts such as defence via a private militia can be secured. Big ticket items like creating the bunker or paying for a private militia can thus be shared. 

As we have often mentioned, the elite expect to emerge from their bunkers and return to shopping. They expect mankind’s infrastructure to be repaired by the vast faceless army of workers, the common man, that has always provided them with their cushy lifestyle. They expect the value of any precious metals or artwork or jewels they hold to be maintained, but will plan to have these items WITH them in their bunkers to avoid possible theft. Since gold reserves held by the elite are not something that can be easily ascertained by the public, such moves will be furtive and most likely have already taken place – moved from bank vaults to the bunker locations. Private militias are, of course, already in place too. This is also true of stocks and bonds, deeds, and any of the myriad paper assets that the elite assume will have worth in the Aftertime.